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Opinion – Marcelo Katsuki: O Brazeiro turns 53 selling 16,000 chickens per month


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The techniques for roasting the chicken have been perfected, but the seasoning, the secret to the recipe’s success, remains intact. Created by Salvador Mangini and his wife Rosa, the recipe for the sauce in which the chickens at the O Braseiro restaurant are marinated follows a secret kept to this day by the 3rd generation of the family, which manages the business. It’s not a fancy seasoning, but a precise one that enhances the flavor of the meat without overpowering it — which perhaps explains its success. And the numbers are impressive: the house, which has a branch in Morumbi, sells 16,000 units a month.

The restaurant has a nostalgic atmosphere. At the entrance, a long corridor separates the extensive barbecue area from the bar counter, where you can see a decoration marked by photos, bottles and sculptures of roosters. In the dining room, waiters in lined outfits parade their trays between tables with checkered tablecloths.

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Valdeci, head of salon, welcomes everyone with sympathy and proudly says that he has worked at the house for 42 years and that he has never been absent, “except for the two days I was away due to Covid symptoms”, he reveals. In addition to him, Rufino, the general manager has worked at the house for 45 years. “We have a loyal audience that has been coming to the house for decades: we serve couples, then children and even grandchildren,” he says proudly.

The chicken is the flagship of the house and costs R$ 38 (half portion) and R$ 62 (whole). It arrives shredded, exhaling the aroma of the coals and goes very well with the fried polenta (R$ 33) and the vegetable mayonnaise (R$ 33). The bird also appears in a sandwich, Frango Crocante (R$ 28), which includes a pre-baked, breaded and fried drumstick. And the roasts are also beautiful, as is the case of the picanha (R$ 110 / 500 g) which comes with farofa and chives and arrives soft and juicy, at the perfect point. Those who don’t eat meat can enjoy grilled vegetables (R$45): zucchini, broccoli, pumpkin and other fresh roasted vegetables.

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The classic pudding (R$ 14) can end the meal with praise, but churros fans can’t do without the basket (R$ 28) that brings the fried dough stuffed with a generous dose of dulce de leche and ice cream. There is also the papaya cream (R$ 24) for those who are nostalgic.

The menu has a short but efficient cocktail list with drinks such as Negroni, Moscow Mule, Boulevardier and Bloody Mary for R$32 each. Caipirinhas come in four flavors but with a wide variety of spirits, with prices from R$28 to R$40.

For those who enjoy classics, the restaurant is a sure destination. A hearty table, succulent roasts, affectionate food and a service that makes us want to come back. To feel at home.

O Brazeiro – map here
Rua Luís Gois, 843, Vila Mariana, São Paulo – Tel.: (11) 2275-7139

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