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The life of the patron saint of Thessaloniki, Agios Dimitrios

Today, October 26, the Church honors the memory of Saint Demetrius. Don’t forget to say happy birthday to Dimitris, Dimitra, Mitsos, Mimi, Mimika who are celebrating today.

Saint Demetrius (280 – 306) is a saint of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches and the patron saint of Thessaloniki. He is also honored by Lutheranism and the Anglican Church, reports

According to the hagiological texts, Demetrius lived and was martyred in Thessaloniki under Diocletian. Due to problems of the hagiological tradition, various theories have been formulated since the 19th century about the beginnings and origins of his worship, the most prevalent of which among scholars is that there was no Demetrius who was martyred in Thessaloniki, but his worship comes from Sirmio in Pannonia .

An important center of his worship is Thessaloniki, where he has been honored since the early Christian period and a basilica has been erected in his honor. During Byzantine times, he was honored as a miraculous protector of the city from its enemy besiegers and on his feast day, a religious and commercial festival, Dimitria, was held, which was revived in the 1960s as a cultural event. He is one of the most popular saints of the Orthodox Church, whose memory is celebrated on October 26.

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