Sydney: Five lions came out of the enclosure of the zoo causing panic


A male and four young lions came out of their enclosure, causing panic among park officials and visitors

Alarm raised at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo after five lions managed to escape for a while from the enclosure in which they were. Officials rushed visitors to the garden’s “Roar and Snore” overnight program to safety.

The alarm was raised when surveillance cameras showed a male lion, Atos, and four puppies roaming outside their fenced enclosure at 06:30 local time (21:30 Greek time yesterday, Tuesday), although they were still in an area separated from the rest of the garden by a fence more than 1, 8 meters.

The zookeepers they used an anesthetic and they carried the one young lion back to their enclosure in the garden, while the remaining four made their way back of their own accord.

The zoo announced that its reaction emergency was activated in less than 10 minutes after the lions escape from their enclosure. The lions were confirmed to have returned to their enclosure by 09:00 am, local media reported.

There were no injuries to people or animals and the zoo opened as normal.

“The zoo has very strict security protocols for incidents of this nature and there was immediate action,” Taronga Zoo chief executive Simon Duffy told a news conference.

The police were called at the zoo and staff were quick to lead the “Roar and Snore” guests to safety.

“They came running into the tent area saying ‘it’s a Code One, get out of your tent and run, come now and leave your stuff,'” Magnus Perry, one of the visitors, told local media as he was leaving the garden with his family.

On display at Taronga Zoo’s lion enclosure are Ato and Maya and their five lion cubs — Harry and Luzuko and Malika, Zuri and Ayana. Maya and Ayana remained in their fenced area while the rest of the family went outside.

Officials do not currently know how the lions managed to escape and an official investigation has been launched into the incident.


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