The trial for the attack on Yannis Boutaris was postponed for the seventh time


Key witness absent – New trial set for January 2023

The trial for the verbal and physical attack on the former mayor of Thessaloniki was postponed for the seventh time. Yannis Boutaris in May 2018, during a commemoration event for the Pontian Genocide, in Lefkos Pyrgos Square.

A total of twelve people are accused in the case, among them the former member of parliament, former prefect of Thessaloniki and former regional governor of Central Macedonia, Panagiotis Psomiadiswho according to the indictment verbally attacked Yiannis Boutaris and urged the physical perpetrators to move against him.

New date set for in January 2023. It is noted that the former mayor was again present in court, while the adjournment was given due to the absence of a key witness.

Videos that have seen the light of day record citizens turning furiously against the former mayor, who was being tried to flee by his personal police officer and the former president of the Thessaloniki Municipal Council. The said documents were examined during the preliminary investigation of the Thessaloniki Security, helping to identify the accused.

Regarding the former governor of Central Macedonia Panagiotis Psomiadis, is brought to court on the charge of inciting the natural perpetrators to take action against Yannis Boutarisas when he made statements to a local media in the context of the events, he characteristically emphasized “yes, he has sold out Macedonia” while the former mayor can be seen passing by and while citizens demonstrating for Macedonia called him a “traitor”.

Claiming that his statements were the product of “political criticism”, Panagiotis Psomiadis had denied in the past that he motivated the natural attackers while at the same time maintaining that he did not know them while he was far from the scene of the attack.

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