Glycanisos: New face, Nikos Georgakis in the role of Pericles


Nikos Georgakis plays Pericles, Raphael’s eccentric father – Every Saturday and Sunday at 18.45 on SKAI

In the next episodes of “Anise” a new person makes his appearance, upsets the balance in the relationships of the heroes and brings to the surface, well hidden secrets.

THE Nikos Georgakis plays Pericles, the eccentric father of Raphael (A. Giannakos). He is educated, cultured, a chemist who, however, decided to move away and live in a house in the mountains, far from everyone and everything. The reason for the isolation lies even deeper – a secret that he keeps well guarded and connects him to Philip (K. Koklas) but also to Menelaus (K. Apostolakis).

In the new episodes on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, the developments are stormy. The events that follow after the fiasco at the wedding of Hector (A. Stamatakis) and the elopement of Anthis (A. Ioannidou) with Nikitas (F. Karalis), are decisive for everyone. Hector, with wounded pride, is in a furious state and full of anger does everything to track down Anthy and Nikita. When Raphael tries to calm him down before more harm is done, Hector makes the wrong decisions and fires him from the company. This dismissal does not only affect Raphael, but also creates great turmoil in the Demiris family…


At the same time, Raphael visits his father Pericles and he gives him to try a spirit that he has been “working” on for years. The conversation between father and son reveals that Pericles has a “past” with Menelaus and Philip. A past well hidden, that if it comes to the surface, nothing will stay the same anymore…



Every Saturday and Sunday at 18.45



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