Agrinio: Seven arrests for the escape of a prisoner from the hospital


Investigations are ongoing to locate and arrest the fugitive

The police have made seven arrests for the escape of a 37-year-old prisoner late last night from the hospital of Agriniwhile Investigations continue to locate and arrest the fugitive.

At the same time, according to the police, an administrative hearing is expected to be orderedregarding the circumstances of the 37-year-old’s escape.

Regarding the circumstances of the incident, according to the police, the 37-year-old was detained because a conviction was pending against him with a five-year prison sentence. At some point the prisoner complained of chest pains and then he was taken by the police to the Agrinio hospitalin order to undergo medical examinations.

While the 37-year-old was in the hospital, about 10 people entered the space. The police officers, together with nurses, tried to remove them, in order to carry out medical examinations on the prisoner. But, the last he took advantage of the disturbance that prevailed and managed to escape.

Immediately after, the search for the fugitive began, while at the same time seven of the 10 people who had arrived at the hospital were arrested.

It is, according to the police, about four men and three womenbetween the ages of 16 and 47, who are accused of freeing a prisoner, while a 17-year-old has also been charged with the same crime.

Also, the investigations are continuing for the arrest of two more people, who had entered the hospital premises together with the other eight.


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