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“Household Basket”: Up to -18.1% reductions on products in the 4th week


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Out of a total of 816 products, the price was reduced on 167

In new declines that amounted to -18.1% they proceeded most supermarket chains in the total cost of “household basket” based on the new price lists announced to the Ministry of Development & Investments today, Wednesday, November 23, and valid for the fourth week of implementation of the Government’s initiative.

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This is stated in the announcement of the ministry, while as pointed out by the Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis:

“Black Friday this week and it looks like it started with the new prices on the “Household Basket”. The first assessment of the new prices shows that out of 816 products, 60 have increased and 167 decreased while 589 remain the same. Most importantly: all chains have a reduction.’

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Analytically, from a total of 816 products in the “household basket” that are completely comparable

-at 167, a rate of 20.5%, the price decreased

-at 589, 72.1% the price remained stable

-and only in 60, a rate of 7.3%, the price increased slightly in most cases.

Therefore, the total cost of the “household basket” is noticeably reduced in the vast majority of supermarkets with the largest decrease -18.1% in the My market chain.

In detail, the percentage changes in the “household basket” of each chain in the attached graph.

Detailed product prices

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