A municipal police officer is accused of extortion and attempted rape of a woman extradited to Thessaloniki


The 39-year-old municipal employee apologized to the investigator and was released on condition – The competent judicial council will decide whether to refer him to trial

Municipal policeman is accused of having tried to rape a young foreigner, who was being betrayed in the market squares of Giannitsson Street, in Thessaloniki. After an investigation by the Internal Affairs Service of the Security Forces, the 39-year-old was charged and called to testify before an investigator. He was finally released on parole and the competent Judicial Council will decide on his referral to trial.

According to the complaint made by the woman of Bulgarian origin, the incident occurred in the summer of 2018, during which the accused served as an outer guard in a penitentiary in Northern Greece. The alleged attempted rape, at the threat of his service weapon and glock, as reported by the complainant, seems to have been preceded by a dispute between them because, among other things, he wanted them to meet in an apartment, while she insisted on meeting him in an abandoned building of the area.

In the apology of 39 years old – later assumed duties as an employee of the Municipal Police (outside of Thessaloniki) – denied what was attributed to him, characterizing the complaint as false. It is alleged that he claimed that the woman reported him vindictively, considering him to be the culprit for previously bringing her in by the police during checks for illegal prostitution, which, as he apologized, does not correspond to reality.

A prosecutor and an investigator decided to release him with the restrictive conditions of not leaving the country and appearing once a month at a police station. After criminal proceedings were brought against him, he was put on holiday from his service.


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