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Extension for the inventory of working time in the private sector


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The Ministry of Labor is expected to announce the extension today, after first counting how many companies have gone ahead with the process

By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

Business accounts are expected to take a deep breath today as the Ministry of Labor plans to extend the process of recording the working time of all employees which normally expires today. The extension has been requested by almost all the employer organizations such as GSEVEE and ESEE) who characterized the initial time frame as suffocating.

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The labor ministry will count how many companies have completed the process and will decide on an extension from a few days to a month according to information, although many accountants’ associations have asked for the extension to be three months. until February 28. Related announcements are expected within the day.

Businesses and employers in the private sector (except supermarkets that have already completed the process) had to declare in the system within 1 month (from November 1st to November 30th) ERGANI II the working hours of their employees with a contract of salaried dependent work. As part of this process – which can also be done gradually – the employer declares for each employee the general details of the employment relationship regarding working time, as well as the working hours in digital form, either as a fixed weekly or as variable per day.

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After the census is completed, the process of implementing the digital job card mechanism will continue (supermarkets and banks have joined in the first phase). The beginning of the second phase will be with insurance companies and security companies. The 3rd phase will concern the industry and DEKOs and at a later stage it will be extended to tourism and catering and will gradually include all business activity.

The exact schedule is expected to be announced in the coming days and after the Ministry of Labor will have completed the dialogue with the representatives of the economic sectors in order to take into account all the particularities and the separate needs of each sector to ensure that the operation of the mechanism of the digital work card it will be without problems.

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