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On December 12, the trial of the police officer for the case of rape and pimping of two girls


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The case was revealed when one of the two alleged victims, 19 years old, managed to escape from the apartment where she was being held and was released by the police

On December 12, it is expected to begin before the Joint Jury Court trial of the 40-year-old policeman and his four co-accused in the rape and pimping case of two young women in Ilioupoli, case that was pronounced today Monday by the court.

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The case was revealed when one of the two alleged victims, 19 years old, had managed to escape from the apartment where the policeman was holding her and had taken refuge in a nearby cafe where she found help from a store employee.

The policeman’s co-accused are the 19-year-old’s father, who is accused of raping her since the age of 11, her ex-partner, who is accused of kidnapping her when she was a minor, a friend and associate of the policeman, who is accused of aiding and abetting trafficking people by profession and one more person on trial for violating the drug law.

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The trial was announced and adjourned until next Monday, when the trial of the case will begin with the examination of witnesses. It should be noted that the maximum detention limit for temporarily detained defendants expires next month.

The court today decided to testify without publicity the two horribly abused women which will be prepared for the procedure before the judges, by a psychologist assigned to help her as they seem to be in a state of fear.

In the referral order for the case, scenes of hell are described that the 19-year-old experienced for more than a month in the uniformed house. The accused is alleged that “from the beginning of June of the year 2021 until July 10, 2021, using violence and threats against her, that is, hitting her in various parts of her body either with the use of a wooden rod or with punches and kicks and causing her bodily harm, threatening to kill her or harm the life or physical integrity of her family members, often pointing a knife or a gun at her and using other coercive means, such as giving her cocaine, restrained her illegally inside his house, allowing her to leave rarely and only for specific reasons, but always under his supervision, that is, he tied her up in a way that she perceived her escape as futile, in order to force her to commit prostitution”.

The 19-year-old allegedly experienced sexual violence since she was a minor, both by her father and by her boyfriend, before she had a relationship with the police officer, who is accused of using wild wood and threats to extradite her.

He allegedly lived through a similar hell at the hands of the policeman a few years ago and the 26-year-old who denounced him when the case of the 19-year-old became known.


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