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Mitsotakis meeting with Albanian Archbishop Anastasios


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Mr. Mitsotakis congratulated Archbishop Anastasios of Albania for the very important work he is doing

The position of the Western Balkans and Albania is at the heart of Europe, the prime minister stressed Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his meeting with the Albanian archbishop Anastasios.

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Mr. Mitsotakis congratulated the Archbishop of Albania for the very important work he is doing. “You are a bridge of reconciliation between the two countries and a relief for the Greek ethnic minority that I wanted to visit tomorrow, but the weather did not allow us to”, pointed out the prime minister and announced that he will go to the areas where the Greek minority lives, as, as he said “I feel the need to be next to our compatriots who live and excel here, so that we can provide them with the maximum support from the Greek state.”

From his side the archbishop Anastasios called on the prime minister to continue the work of reconciliation in the Balkan peninsula. “I have been close to the people for 30 years. In a time of doubtful moods we shouted that Albania’s place is in Europe. I feel particularly happy when I hear that steps are being taken in the direction of integration,” noted the archbishop.

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