Roma burned down a tire shop in Aspropyrgos – Message from 112 to the residents – They shot Fire Department vehicles


The situation remains unregulated – 112 calls on residents to stay indoors due to the release of dangerous fumes

Makis Synodinos

The situation remains chaotic in Aspropyrgos and Ano Liosia, with Roma groups going on rampages, protesting the shooting of the 16-year-old in Thessaloniki.

According to EL.AS., a group of Roma, at approximately 9 pm, broke into a tire shop located on NATO Avenue in Aspropyrgos, and then set it on fire. As it became known a while ago from the fire department, 25 firefighters with 10 vehicles were operating at the scene shortly before midnight. A message was sent from 112 to residents to stay in closed spaces, as health-hazardous fumes are released.

However, two fire engines were fired upon by unknown persons near the Aigaleo ring road, shortly before midnight. According to the fire department, there were no injuries, while the firefighters immediately informed the center of the Fire Department that they received shrapnel and retreated. Strong police forces are rushing to the spot.

At the same time, a short while ago, in Ano Liosia, young Roma set fire to a city bus. In particular, according to information from the police, at the intersection of Fylis avenue with Ioustinianou street, Roma completely burned a city bus in which there were no passengers. 6 firefighters with 2 vehicles attempted to extinguish the fire. Police forces remain in the area.

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