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Five complaints of domestic violence in Patras only yesterday


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Complaints, in the majority of them, are made by neighbors who no longer hesitate to call “100”

Married women with children concern the majority of them Kcomplaints that took place yesterday at the Domestic Violence Office, at the Police Station on Ermou Street in Patras.

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The Direct Action of Patras, only yesterday, was called to intervene in five cases of domestic violence.

The Police Station says it accepts 2-3 calls a day for similar incidents pointing out that there are not a few times when complaints are made by neighbours who no longer hesitate to call “100”.

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The majority of the women do not work, while as far as the profile of the perpetrators is concerned, the data show that in most cases they are employed men – workers with a relatively good financial situation.

It is worrying that the cases of physical violence (with the exception of the serious injury and the days-long hospitalization of the mother of a 5-year-old in Patras), based on the forensic reports, are characterized as “simple physical injuries“, with bruises and abrasions.

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