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Sofia Vergara Is A Good Housewife – Cleaning In Her Sexy Bikini On Vacation


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Her husband, Joe Manganiello, shot the short video, which shows the actress cleaning up

Sofia Vergara she always works, even on her holidays. She likes to keep everything clean and tidy. During her recent getaway, the actress took some time out, put on her sexy bikini, and started cleaning up where she and her husband were staying.

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Her husband, Joe Manganiello, filmed the short video, which shows Sofia cleaning up. The Hollywood star is wearing a bikini and has a pareo wrapped around her waist, meaning she was ready to enjoy the sun and warm weather when she noticed something she didn’t like.

“We are on vacation,” her husband tells Sofia, as heard in the video. “They don’t do anything,” the actress replies, referring to the people who are responsible for cleaning the house. “Why are you on a stool cleaning the lamp?” Joe continues, to which Sophia replies, “There’s no vacation when you like pretty things.”

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The actress recently celebrated her wedding anniversary. Sofia’s fans agreed with her, with one follower writing on social media: ‘You can’t get the Colombian out of her’, while another commented: ‘Latina power! It doesn’t matter how much money a Latina/Latino has, it’s in our blood to clean, we love it, it’s healing.” Finally, someone wrote to her: “Every Latina here understands you, we clean everywhere we go.”

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