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Kerameos on SKAI 100.3: The cooperation of universities with leading American universities is of the utmost importance


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The Minister of Education spoke about the innovations that have been introduced in public education

The Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs Niki Kerameos stated that “changes in education need time to be planned, to become laws of the state and property of the educational community» on SKAI 100.3 and Paul Tsima.
English language learning is universally implemented from the early grades of kindergarten, with children’s families being free from the financial burden and the same fully familiar with the language from an early age, according to the minister.

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The concern of the Ministry of Education is that the public school becomes constantly better. For this, a strong mobilization is being carried out, since last year, through it evaluation of school units and teachershe added.

Equally important was the report of Ms. Kerameos that the attention of the Ministry of Education has always been focused on the Panhellenic schools, a fact that has changed by shifting this attention to the early grades kindergarten through the two years of compulsory study in it.

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Regarding the issues of the universities, he emphasized that order is priority, which is achieved through asylum voting, security plans and controlled entry. At the same time, he clarified that the mission of the university police is exclusively deterrent, to protect against threats, inside and outside the facilities, just by its existence.

Finally, he spoke about the extremely important cooperation of Greek universities with Top 30 American Universities, such as that of the Athens University of Economics and Business and Yale. This is achieved by adapting the way of learning to the cultivation of skills, instead of dry memorization of the material. She also made it known that this year all high school, high school, fifth and sixth grade classes will be filled with interactive boards, while she concluded her statements with the phrase “vocational education is a catalyst for the economic future of the country».

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