Mytilini: 17-year-old recovered from coma shortly before his parents donated his organs


He was hospitalized without hope of survival in the ICU of the Mytilene Hospital. Just before mechanical support was stopped and his organs were given for transplant, the miracle happened

An incredible incident happened at the Mytilini hospital as a 17-year-old who was in coma after a car accident, he came back to life just before doctors decided to disconnect him from the machines that were keeping him alive.

The young man from Pencilhad hit his head seriously in a car accident last August and had undergone major operations to keep him alive.

The doctors had “raised their hands” and the mother of Taxiarchis decided to donate his organs. Then miraculously the 17-year-old’s brain started showing signs of life and he came back to life shortly before the mechanical support stopped.

It all started on the evening of the 28th of last August at the festival for the Feast of the Virgin Mary in Stypsi. The Taxi Driver, having consumed a large amount of alcohol, begins to return to his village, Molyvos, on his bicycle. Some residents of the area managed to stop his company, which had also consumed alcohol. But not the Brigadier General. A few minutes later he is seriously injured in the head.

He is transferred to Mytilini Hospital in critical condition with very severe head injuries. He enters the operating room where the neurosurgeon Petros Sourtzis fights with his team to keep him alive. He is taken to the ICU where is intubated. The situation is characterized as particularly critical. A few days later, a second operation follows where parts of his skull are removed in order to reduce brain pressure.

It is now seriously discussed with brain functions zeroed out to stop the mechanical support. And his mother gives her approval for the Brigadier’s organs to be given for transplants.

A few hours later and while everyone is waiting for the end, his brain begins to react. Everyone is talking about a miracle. On November 8, the day of his feast day and the feast day of the patron Archangel, the young man is transferred to a regular ward at the Mytilene Hospital.

Today the Brigadier General has fully recovered. He is in a Rehabilitation Center in Loutraki, Corinth to deal with his mobility problems. “He’s on crutches, but he’ll get over that too,” says his mother.

In a short time he will return to Mytilini, another rehabilitation operation will follow.

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