Asphalting works in Kolonaki from Monday – On which roads will the work be done


Due to the peculiarities of the area, as well as the low temperatures, the work will be carried out throughout the 24 hours

In the context of upgrading the city’s road network, both in the center and in the neighborhoods, the Municipality of Athens announces that from the coming Monday January 16th work begins asphalt paving in the 1st Municipal Community, specifically in its area Kolonakiou. The works will be carried out in two phases: The first phase includes the streets around Skoufa Street, while the second includes the streets around Patriarchou Ioakeim Street.

Due to the peculiarities of the area, as well as the low temperatures that prevail during the evening hours, as a result of which asphalt layering is not allowed, the works will be carried out according to throughout the 24 hours.

For the timely removal of vehicles from the work sites, it has been planned to inform the residents with a note at least two days in advance, in which the date of execution of the project will be mentioned. Residents are asked to heed the updates to facilitate the paving work and minimize disruption.

It is noted that the milling (digging) of the road will be done during afternoon and evening hoursafter all the vehicles have been removed, while the asphalt paving work will take place the next morning.

The streets on which, during the first phase, the works will be carried out on both sides of Skoufa Street, are in order the following: Irakleitou, Pindarou, Bucharest, Al. Soutsou, Lykavitto, Homer, Sina, Massalia, Skoufa and Anagnostopoulou. Accordingly, during the second phase of the works, the streets that will be asphalted on either side of Patriarchou Joachim Street are, in order, the following: Ypsilantou (Herodotou to Marasli), Karneadou, Alopekis, Haritos, Speysippou, Herodotou, Karaoli Dimitriou, Loukianou, Plutarchou, P. Joakim, Evzonon, Vladimir Bensi, Iasiou, Ravine, Ypsilantou (from Marasli to Petraki Monastery), I. Gennadiou, Apariron Polemos and Sweden.

In some of the streets included in the second phase of the project, kennels and sidewalks will be constructed before any asphalt paving.


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