EL.AS on its feet: The whole plan for the security measures at the funeral of the former King Constantine

EL.AS on its feet: The whole plan for the security measures at the funeral of the former King Constantine

Multi-agency police, snipers and drones to patrol central Athens during ex-king’s funeral – Work continues feverishly at Tatoi

Hundreds of police officers, drones and snipers will take up positions in key parts of Athens during the funeral of the former king, Constantine, in the Metropolis.

The operational planning of the Hellenic Police predicts that on Monday, January 16, 1,500 police officers will be on the streets of the capital, who will move around the Metropolis and in the center of the city.

The police officers will also be charged with the duty of checking upon entry of the 187 official guests in the Metropolis.

According to information from SKAI, of the 187 people who will be in the Metropolis, 130 will be from abroad and around 50 from Greece.

In addition, the planning includes the creation of a security perimeter around the holy temple.

Security measures will vary according to the title of each guest: the higher the title, the stricter the measures with which they will be surrounded.

Aerial surveillance in Athens will be undertaken by police drones, while there will also be snipers at key points.

In addition, security cordons are planned around at least four hotels in Athens, where the official guests will stay.

According to the program, the body of the former king will be in the chapel of the Metropolis from 6 in the morning, so that those who wish to give their last farewell.

Then, at 11 am the body will be taken inside the temple. At 12 o’clock the funeral procession will begin and about an hour later the motorcade to Tatoi will begin.

The transport of the guests from Athens to Those it will be done with small buses.

Upon arrival at the estate of Tatoi there will be a trisagio in the adjacent church and then the burial will take place.

The request of the family of the former king is that there are no cameras or drones during the burial. It is noted that in Tatoi, the work of shaping and improving accessibility in the area of ​​the royal tombs continues at a feverish pace:

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