“we take it for granted that Filippidis has committed rape” said the lawyer of the complainants


Makis Synodinos

Statements were made by the lawyer Mr. Alexandros Mitzias – counsel for the first and third complainants in the Filippidis trial – after the end of today’s proceedings and the prosecutor’s proposal for acquittal of the accused due to doubts about the rape of the first complainant and guilt for attempted rape of the two others.

Regarding the prosecution’s proposal for the guilt of Petos Filippidis in the attempted rape of the third complainant, Mr. Mitzias stated:

“The proposal for the third complainant is a legally correct proposal, with a clear view of who and the personality of the accused.”

Regarding the first sentence, “we intend at the purchase stage to entertain any doubts that the lady prosecutor has, because we take it for granted that the accused has also committed the first act (rape)”.

Regarding the statements of Filippidis in his supplementary apology, that he owns an artist management company with the brother of Anna Maria Papacharalambous, which represents . Ms. Drosakis, Papacharalambous, Anastasopoulou and the allegations that there is a financial motive behind the accusations, Mr. Mitzias replied that there will be criminal proceedings against Petros Filippidis, he will file a defamation lawsuit.

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