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Mobile signal and internet are coming to the metro: When will they be available for passengers


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Intrakat undertook a pilot project for mobile signal coverage and internet access in tunnels and stations of Attiko Metro Line 2

One of the requests of many citizens, metro connectivity will become a reality. Intrakat undertook the implementation of a pilot project for the internal radio coverage of stations and tunnels in the section of Metro Line 2, from Agios Dimitrios to Elliniko, on behalf of all telecommunications providers.

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According to a related announcement, with this project, metro passengers will enjoy full 5G mobile signal coverage both in the stations and on the tracks, with access to the internet. The specific project will significantly improve the quality of services provided to the capital’s commuters, facilitating communications and passengers’ access to the digital world during travel.

The purpose of the pilot project is to ensure continuous and uninterrupted signal coverage in the specific section of Line 2, including the five stations and the tunnels between them and to select, based on the relevant measurements and analyzes of the systems, the optimal implementation solution for all the remaining Attica metro stations on lines 2 & 3, the which will follow.

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The Alimos station will act as a central interconnection hub (HUB) for the entire pilot project with the backhauling networks of the three mobile telephony companies, exclusively new generation fiber optics. The indoor coverage of the station will be done through the installation of three indoor coverage systems, in order to evaluate the optimal technology, which will be selected for the coverage of the remaining stations, based on the measurements and the results of the analyzes that will be carried out in Alimos.

Intrakat is expected to complete the pilot project within of the first half of 2023.


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