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The “time of Renaissance” for the Patrino Carnival – The events begin today


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The great celebration of Patras begins today in Georgiou Square

Today at 21:00 in Georgiou Square the opening ceremony of this year’s, the first after the pandemic, Patrinos Carnival takes place, while at 12:00 noon the carnival banner will be handed over to the City Hall.

The morning program is as follows:

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11:00-12:00 Music by the Percussion Ensemble “Krousis” of the Municipal Conservatory of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patreon taught by M. Mankovsky, on Riga Feraio Street (opposite the Chamber of Achaia)

11:15 Music lasting 15 minutes by the wind ensemble of the Municipal Conservatory of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patreon, from the balcony of the Town Hall

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11:00 Art Performance by the Rising Flames Dance Group, inspired by the work “Phantom of the Opera” (face painting by the Vergi Schools) at the “Apollo” Municipal Theater

10:45 Arrival of the 1st Musical Chariot at George I Square.

11:15 Start of procession with the president of KEDIP Patras Carnival Ira Kouri, members of the Jury P.K. 2023, KEDIP Patras Carnival employees, PK 2023 volunteers and carnival workers following Maizonos towards the City Hall

11:00 Arrival of the 2nd Musical Chariot at the Three Allies Square

11:15 Start of the procession with the vice-president of the Board of Directors KEDIP Patras Carnival Dimitris Dimisiano, members of the board of directors of KEDIP Patras Carnival, members of the Advisory Committee PK 2023, volunteers and Carnivalists who will follow the route: Three Allies -St. Nikolaou-Maisonos – lower part of Georgiou Square, Maizonos in the direction of the City Hall.

11:30 Meeting of the two processions at the junction of Maizonos and Agios Nikolaos streets

The procession will be welcomed at the door of the Town Hall by the mayor of Patreon, who, under the carnival hymns of the Municipal Music, will receive the carnival banner from Ira Kouri. The event will be topped and sweetened by the well-established custom of the chocolate war offering its own sweet touch.

The banner of the Patronus Carnival 2023 will remain posted at the Town Hall until the end of the events (February 26).

Opening ceremony

Tonight (21:00) at pl. Georgiou, the Opening Ceremony of Patreon Carnival 2023 will be held by the mayor of Patreon. K. Peletidis.

The first part and main event of the opening ceremony is the idea and implementation of the distinguished choreographer Spyros Kouvaras, who proposes the Renaissance as the central idea of ​​this year’s Ceremony.

A Renaissance of nature and culture, an activation of hope, imagination and senses.

The second part of the opening ceremony includes a colorful carnival celebration, prepared by Sotiris Douvas, dominated by music. The intoxicating songs of Patrini Halloween arranged and with many unexpected melodic continuations.

Driving force is the creative duo of Sotiris Douvas (rhythm) and Kostis Christodoulou (harmony) who orchestrate the oldest familiar performances in a modern way. Together with a group of excellent musicians, he makes his personal journey to the rhythm and the ends of the Earth, a journey of ours. The “Haze band” will present a popular celebration from Patras to Latin America with traditional arrangements, pop, rock, swing, samba etc. The live will also have unexpected colors from abroad: On stage will be the Nigerian artist Adedeji Adetayo guitar/voice in Afro, Latin and pop, musical arrangements. The Cuban Yoel Soto will be on bass, where he will undertake various orchestrations of the carnival songs in authentic Latin versions with a Caribbean flavor.

The presenters of the opening ceremony will be Marios Zafeiropoulos and the auctioneer of the Patrinos Carnival 2023, Maria Agouridis. At the same time, at the opening ceremony, the announcement of the first riddle of the 58th Hidden Treasure, which this year is entitled “What Time Brings”, will take place.

Program for Sunday 22/1/2023

From 11.00 to 13.00, at the junction of Riga Feraiou and Gerokostopoulou pedestrian streets, there will be a carnival music program with Nikos Lekkas.
Participants: Nikos Lekkas (conductor), Christos Avrantinis (trumpet), Spyros Kantarelis, Fotis (saxophone), Nikos Katsenos (bass), Panagiotis Athanasiou (drums), Alexandra Veneri (vocals).

The organization of the event belongs to the Judging Committee of the Patrinos Carnival 2023.

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