Patras: The seven anti-authoritarians were preparing to strike with a powerful bomb – Checks if it is a branch of a terrorist organization

Patras: The seven anti-authoritarians were preparing to strike with a powerful bomb – Checks if it is a branch of a terrorist organization

Laboratory experts will decide whether the wiring of the device resembles any of those that have been used in terrorist attacks from time to time.

The 274 grams of explosive material was not “bulk”! Which means it was a bomb ready to be planted and detonated at a target that remains unknown, since the seven arrested anti-authoritarians during the preliminary investigation process they kept their mouths tightly closed.

The search at the house on Thermopylon street (Agia Sophia area), in view of the bomb, caused the security men to “go numb”, who immediately called a pyrotechnician. The latter undertook the very delicate and dangerous task of “disengagement” and succeeded. Characteristic is, of course, the comment made by police sources from the first moment: “This specific bomb could ‘level’ the Police Station”.

Now, the experts of the laboratories will decide whether the wiring of the mechanism resembles one of those that have been used from time to time in terrorist attacks.

The special feature is that the bomb with 274 grams of C4 explosive, a detonator and a slow-burning fuse was found in the house of the 25-year-old Athenian member of the “group”, and therefore it is being examined whether it has connections with people in the anarchist and anti-authoritarian space of the capital. At the same time, it is being investigated who is the “cook” who made it and where it was going to be used.

They didn’t want to sign…

During the preliminary interrogation, the police officers were not “facilitated” by the 7 anti-authoritarians, since the latter refused to give even a single answer. Now, the Security officers are looking forward to the “opening” of the mobile phones of the members of the criminal organization and while the Anti-Terrorist Service has already “entered” the case, which has been in constant contact for the last two days with the police authorities of Patras.

During the preliminary interrogation, the Security officers were not surprised by the attitude of the arrested, who even refused to sign the… blank contents of their statements. They finally did so after the intervention of one of their advocates.

From the first moment, as soon as the two “masterminds” and the members of the criminal organization were revealed, the 28-year-old’s father, “Stelios”, who had been sentenced to 17 years in prison for his participation in four terrorist acts, arrived in Patras from Thesprotia of “November 17” and was released in 2010.

Likewise, the parents of other members of the organization from Agrinio also came to Patras. Like the son of “Stelios” and the two siblings, the 27-year-old man and the 35-year-old woman, have anti-authoritarian and anarchist ideological origins.

They were “betrayed” by the video

The “photographs” of the members of the criminal organization began to be “printed” by the prosecuting authorities two days after the robbery that took place on the 9th of last July at the “Sklavenitis” supermarket, in the area of ​​Agia.

“The video material of the supermarket was excellent and the analysis led us to very safe conclusions,” a senior officer of the local ELAS told the newspaper “Peloponnisos” and continued:

“We compared the material with the three robberies that had taken place at the ELTA Vrachneikos on July 2 and October 26, 2020 and on January 7, 2021. Everything looked amazing. The way of action, the height and characteristics of the perpetrators, their weight, etc. We no longer had any doubts. We now knew the two, we systematically followed their movements for 7 months, we recorded all their contacts and the operation was set up from the dawn of last Wednesday with the known successful result…”.

For the disclosure of the criminal organization, the congratulations of the Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos, gen. inspector of the ELAS of Western Greece, lieutenant general Apostolos Martzakis, the police director of Achaia, brigadier general Thodoros Tsatsaris and the security commander Yiannis Athanasopoulos.

Credit must, however, also go to junior officers and men of the Security, because they were the ones who undertook to carry out the operational part of the case.

And in fact, in several cases at their own expense! As strange and hard to believe as this may seem, it is the truth. For 7 months, the men involved in the operation did not use official cars, but their own, in order not to be recognized by the suspects, who were under 24-hour surveillance. So, they paid for their own gas, junk food and any other expenses that arose.

Therefore, they deserve the moral recognition and reward of their mission. At least…

Research also in Agrinio

Five of the 7 members of the criminal organization come from Agrinio, one from Athens and one from Parga Thesprotia (the son of the terrorist “Stelios” of “17 November”).

The fact that the Agriniotes have the “prime seat” has mobilized the prosecuting authorities, who have extended their investigation with all secrecy to the city of Etoloakarnania.

It should be noted that the arrested are very close in age, since the youngest is 23 years old from Agrinio and the oldest is 28 years old (the son of the person convicted of terrorist acts), who is also alleged to be the co-leader of the organization together with 25-year-old Athenaios…

The “7” are facing heavy charges which Christos Tsolkas, one of the advocates, tried to downplay by talking about “exaggerations”.

The other defense attorney Christos Tsiboukis from Agrinio reserved himself from making any comment, stating that he will first study the case file and then take his position.

A criminal case has already been filed against the 7, as the case may be, for founding and participating in a criminal organization, robberies, aggravated theft, possession of 18 kilos of hashish and drug trafficking, weapons possession and violation of radio frequency legislation.

The 24-year-old will be brought to the prosecutor on Monday, while the other 6 on Tuesday, after the deadline they received from the investigator to apologize during their arraignment, the night before yesterday.

It is noted that a criminal case was filed against the arrested for forming and participating in a criminal organization, robberies, distinguished cases of theft, manufacturing and possession of explosives as well as for violating the laws regarding the illegal operation of radio frequencies, for drugs, flares and fireworks.

Those arrested were taken on Thursday night, under strong security measures, to the Courthouse of Patras. They are six men and one woman, who were arrested on Wednesday by the men of the Security Directorate.

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