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Rethymno: Four arrests – A policeman and a young man in the hospital from the bloody fight in a bar


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New facts are coming to light about the wild fight which took place in a bar between a group of young people and a police officer.

The bloody incident happened ten minutes after 4 in the morning, when a group of three brothers went to a bar in Rethymnon. At some point one of the brothers started threatening a worker at the bar and according to the statements he did not hesitate to take out a knife.

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There was the worker’s son who is policeman and stepped in to restore order. However, his intervention seems to have caused even greater tensions with the 25-year-old attacking the 32-year-old police officer, injuring him with a knife.

The policeman, who was off duty, took out his gun and fired at him with the bullet hitting the 25-year-old in the stomach and leg.

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An ambulance rushed to the scene ECAV who picked up both the policeman and the 25-year-old and took them to the Rethymno hospital. Both, fortunately, are hospitalized out of danger.

At the same time, the police were called to her place conflict and began to collect material and evidence to clarify the case. The authorities arrested both the three brothers, who come from Mylopotamos, as well as their 32-year-old colleague.

It is worth noting that in an investigation carried out by the authorities on the young men, they found three knives on them.

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