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The ski resorts saw a “white” day


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The inseparable in Vasilitsa and Anilio but also Kalavryta on the last weekend of January during which a record number of visits was achieved

Hit record at the ski center of Vasilitsa during the last weekend of January. Kosmosyrroi and the Anilio ski resort which hosted snowboarding and freestyle skiing competitions as well as the regional alpine skiing championship.

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In Vasilitsa from Saturday it became inseparable from the fans of winter sports who were deprived of trips to the snow in the previous period.

At the ski resort, all slopes were operational with the snow on the highest peak exceeding one meter.

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But one more time there was no lack of suffering as endless queues formed at the cash registers and a very long wait was needed until the moment of service. Queues were also noted in the elevators..

These images, as mentioned by users of the social networks in many posts that have been made, are frequent, with the result that the mountain excursion turns into an inconvenience.

Obviously the authorities of the National Ski Center should consider taking measures especially when they know that a large number of visitors will follow.

Plenty of snow and in Anilium where, in addition to the athletes, the visitors of the area also enjoyed it.

The ski resorts in most of the country got a real breather this weekend, as for a long time they could not operate due to the absence of snow.

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