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Rhodes: The theft of 275,000 euros brought two girlfriends to the “knives”.


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How the two former best friends ended up in court. Thefts, surveillance and love affairs

The case took a new dimension grand theftwith the total value exceeding 120,000 euros and the protagonist is a 43-year-old resident of Ialyssos Rhodes who was reported in June 2020 by her 45-year-old friend and was convicted with a record of criminal proceedings from the Single Member Court of Appeal of Dodecanese.

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The 45-year-old, as “Dimokratiki” wrote, filed a lawsuit against the 43-year-old before the Multi-Member Court of First Instance of Rhodes and claims compensation of a total amount of 330,000 euros but also to prohibit the defendant from insulting her personality, as well as being obliged to refrain from any future action, which involves insulting her personality, disrupting her personal, family and social life as well as insulting her honor and reputation her in any way, to threaten, monitor, abuse her, or to have any interpersonal communication with her, either by telephone or in person, to approach her at a distance of less than 100 meters in any place wherever she is, and to act with any other way offensive to her personality, in particular, to slander her or defame her in her family, professional and social environment, with the threat of a fine of 5,000 euros for each new reference, description or expression.

As he explains, they met the 43-year-old in 2010 as part of their joint sports activities and became friends.
She claims that over time she managed to gain her trust and gain access to her home, where she lives with her two children.
He had absolute trust in her, he had keys to the house, until, as he complains, taking advantage of her trust and her daily presence in the house, he removed the sum of 275,000 euros from a safe in the attic.

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In particular, in June 2020, he realized that some money he had placed in a particular drawer in the bedroom of the house they disappeared and she suspected that the 43-year-old had removed them as no one else had access to that area.

On June 24, 2020, her suspicions were confirmed when the 43-year-old, as she claims, removed a €20 note from her wallet, which she had deliberately left exposed on the kitchen counter.

According to the alleged victim, the 43-year-old he initially admitted to withdrawing the amount of 275,000 euros from the safe and promised to return them, pleading with her to withdraw the summons against her, then denied having anything to do with the removal of the above amount of money and began repeatedly calling her on her landline and mobile phone and sending text messages , demanding that they meet to give her “explanations” regarding the theft of the money.

When her efforts proved fruitless, she began, as she claims the 45-year-old, to call her relatives, to hang out outside her children’s school and visit the houses of her friends, asking them to persuade her to meet with her, threatening that if she did not accept, she would literally “go on the channels and tell everything”, “she would he’s making a fuss”, “I’ll regret it if I don’t agree to talk”, etc.

At the same timeshe claims, began visibly monitoring her every move on a daily basis as well as following her wherever she went, whether on foot or by car.
Her behavior caused her intense fear and concern and for this reason, on the one hand, she turned to A.T. Ialysou twice and he filed an extrajudicial protest.
Unfortunately, as he claims, none of the above actions had any effect, on the contrary, he became even more embarrassed and obsessively continued and continues to monitor her on a daily basis.
She has literally become her “shadow”.
With the case filed against her, she was referred to be tried at the Single Member Court of Appeal of Dodecanese (on felonies) for the crime of grand larceny, where the total value of the stolen items exceeds the amount of 120,000 euros. With a criminal record, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison with a three-year suspension.
Yesterday, the 43-year-old filed motions within the 100-day deadline for the case, denying what the 45-year-old attributes to her and claiming, among other things, that they maintained close friendships for ten years and after her divorce they started having sexual relations for about five years and the assisted in her daily activities.
The case is handled for the 45-year-old by the lawyers Mr. Evangelia Tsimpli and Stergos Paraskevas and for the 43-year-old the lawyers Mr. Stelios Alexandris and Polyxeni Hatzigianni.

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