Trial for Mati: “We became a shield for our grandchildren” – “We buried another person, not my father”, complained a witness


For one more day, shocking descriptions and testimonies were heard about the moments of hell experienced by the residents of Mati that July afternoon in 2018

Attempted cover-up and heaps of serious incidentsreported one of the witnesses and sufferers of the fatal fire in Mati Attica, during her hearing by the competent court.

The witness Royal Dollwho lost both her parents, complained that those responsible on behalf of the state, they buried the wrong body, instead of that of her father and then they tried to exchange bodies by exhumation, without following the proper procedure. “That night the duty was lost,” said the witness.

These words caused intense interest as well as the first reaction from the district attorney who, after listening to the witness, asked for clarification, in order to conclude that it is possible for this court to move in the direction of investigating what was reported, saying characteristically “procedures can also be done from home”.

The courtroom with the 21 defendants, for the tragic fire in Mati, highlighted today the testimonies of people who experienced first hand the tragic events, the horror of the moments, but also the way in which their own people lost their lives, as well as the conditions that then prevailed in the hospitals and the morgue.

Elizavet Spyridis described strongly charged how she and her husband became a shield for their grandchildren. “It was horror, it was hell,” she said characteristically and noted that she still faces serious health problems, while her husband succumbed to his injuries after 145 days in hospital.

Her son Elizabeth SpyridisKonstantinos, who succeeded her on the podium, described how while he was trying to reach the children and his parents, the authorities stopped them by force at the entrance to the area, while about what happened later in “Evangelism”, he characteristically said that “the scene resembled a war”. In her testimony, his sister, Aikaterini, spoke about what happened next and the anxiety over the course of her parents’ health, with the only consolation being that the children were saved.

The procedure was completed with the deposition of Zoi Konstantopoulou, which had started yesterday, 30/1.

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