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Patras: A man who had turned his house into a greenhouse for growing hashish was arrested


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The 42-year-old Patrinos, who had developed a special system for growing cannabis, is estimated to have made more than 70,000 euros in illegal profits from the sale of drugs.

Complete system indoor cannabis cultivation, using lamps for the growth of seedlings, had been set up in the house of a 42-year-old who was arrested, as the “Peloponnisos” newspaper wrote yesterday, in Begoulaki, Patras, for growing and possessing drugs. The police officers of the Narcotics Prosecution Department of Patras Police seized more than 1,300 grams of cannabis and 11 seedlings of the narcotic substance

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The police officers, using information, at noon on Monday “visited” the house that the arrested person kept as a safe house and during the search they found 1,378 grams of cannabis, 11 cannabis plants, the height of which exceeded one and a half meters, two electronic dehumidifier scales, ventilation and ventilation filters, lamps, temperature and humidity measuring devices, vials and packages of liquid fertilizer, fabric wardrobes, fan and 12 pots.

The defendant who had developed eproprietary hemp cultivation system, it is estimated that the illegal financial benefit he would have obtained from the sale of drugs exceeds 70,000 euros. Yesterday, with the file filed against him for cultivation and possession of drugs, he was taken to the prosecutor of Protodiki Patras, from where he requested and received a deadline to apologize on Friday.

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