Larissa: A woman found guilty of embezzling 155,000 euros from her 80-year-old fiance


He tried to embezzle an additional 160,000 euros but was unsuccessful

Guilt A 67-year-old woman was found guilty yesterday of embezzlement and fraud by the Five-member Court of Criminal Appeals of Larisa, who was accused of embezzling a total of 155,000 euros from the bank accounts of a well-to-do retired lawyer, while she did not have time to dispose of an additional portfolio (mutual etc. ), the total purchase value of which exceeded 160,000 euros. Liquidation that froze, when – according to information from “E” – a relative of the 80-year-old lawyer notified a bank manager out of court, regarding legal support.

The well-to-do, but unmarried and unscrupulous lawyer, through a dating agency in March 2012 looking for a “companion” he met the then 56-year-old accused, unemployed and occasionally employed as an exclusive nurse, to whom he was already engaged, as mentioned yesterday in the hearing. A love affair that took another turn when 80xpovos was subsequently diagnosed with vascular-type dementia and relatives stirred up the issue on the occasion of “unexplained” movements in bank accounts.

The accused denied all the charges yesterday, saying that the 80-year-old was the one who asked her to be his companion for the rest of his life, that the deceased made decisions about the money and that she knew nothing but the money he received for to repay the hospitalizations.

The Five-member Court of Criminal Appeals of Larisa declared the accused guilty, imposing a total sentence of 4 years in prison, converting the sentence into a fine of 5 euros per day. The Court, also due to the low pension that the defendant receives, accepted the request for installments of the amount that she will now have to repay.

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