Critical board meeting on Thursday and… voices even calling for the championship to be stopped after the “haircut” of Avgenakis!


The situation is a boiling cauldron Super League 2 and no one can predict the developments anymore!

The decision of the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteri Avgenakisto be shared, finally, by the teams of the second division of Greek football 1.7 million euros from Betit has caused rage and despair to the clubs, as the vast majority of them are led to financial withering with mathematical precision.

We remind, from 63 million euroswhich will be shared by the Bet on professional categories of football, basketball and volleyballwas foreseen, according to a joint ministerial decision (with Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras), the 8.7 to be given to Super League 2, a week ago it became 5.1 and yesterday it was announced that it will be 1.7!

What does this mean; That with the exception, of course, of his B teams Big 4as well as Apollon Larissa and Herodotus – because they were not licensed – which are out of funding, the rest of the teams in the second category will each get one of 70,000 euros! At the same time, it is worth noting that basketball (men’s A1) will receive close to 5 million euros and volleyball (men’s A1) 2.5 million euros, while the Super League will collect 21 million euros from betting.

In any case, things in Super League 2 are very limited, since most of the groups – if not all – made their budget according to the percentages and amounts, provided for in the original joint ministerial decision. With these and with these, then, tomorrow’s Board of Directors of the League is extremely critical, with “voices” and thoughts even about stopping the league! There is another one on the table motion not to accept the money and edition highly aggressive announcement.

We will see all this tomorrow…

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