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Death of a 3-year-old boy in Evia: his uncle was arrested – the grandfather and parents are wanted


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Tragedy with a dead boy in Evia: His uncle was arrested – His grandfather is also wanted

The local community of Evia is shocked by the news of the death of a three-year-old boy from a pillar that fell on him while he was playing in the yard of his house.

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A case was filed against his relatives for negligent homicide.

According to police sources at, his parents, Roma, were not with the child at the hospital, where he was taken immediately after his serious injury, and as they reported, they were on business in Athens at the time of the tragic incident.

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Earlier it became known that the child’s uncle was arrested, while the police are also looking for his grandfather, as the two men were allegedly responsible for the child at the time of the accident.

In fact, a strong police force rushed from the first moment to the hospital where the child was taken, in order to locate and take the parents to the police station.

The police department of Chalkida has taken over the preliminary investigation and already for its part, it has also requested an autopsy to “shed light” on the exact causes of the child’s death.

As the medical staff emphasizes, an ambulance transported the boy to the Chalkida Hospital, very seriously injured in the head, but conscious and “fought” to keep him alive, trying to bring him back with resuscitation when his heart stopped.

After it was not possible for him to survive, he was later pronounced dead.

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