Theodorikakos in SKAI: More than 1000 police officers at 34 checkpoints due to bad weather


The state apparatus is on full alert, emphasized the Minister of Citizen Protection

“We are in close cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Protection, Mr. Stylianidis, the Region of Attica and Mr. Patoulis. There is a lot of mobilisation, all police forces are on full alert in all areas where the bad weather is coming. Especially in Attica, more than 1000 police officers with 200 vehicles are at 34 checkpoints to ensure that our fellow citizens comply with the need to have chains with them”, the Minister of Protection told SKAI and the show “Kalimera” with Giorgos Autias of Citizen, Takis Theodorikakos.

“I think we are doing well and showing that rigour. We will get used to being ready to deal with these types of situations. There is absolute readiness from the state apparatus”, he added.

Referring to the strengthening of the police departments, Mr. Theodorikakos emphasized that “600 special guards, police officers, additional officers have been to the police departments of Attica for 12 days. Already, there has been a 70% increase in patrols that were carried out until now and there will be an imprint on a further reduction in criminal acts.”

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