On World Nutella Day, see where to eat treats with hazelnut cream in SP


Often eaten by the spoonful and used as a complement to bread and cakes, Nutella gained an upgrade in Brazil, where it ended up in local recipes such as brigadeiro, pudding and tapioca.

Loved by a legion of fans and criticized by many others, this hazelnut cream has its own date: this Sunday (5), World Nutella Day is celebrated. Efeméride was established in 2007 by the American blogger Sara Rosso and won

But the history of the brand goes back further: it appeared in Italy, in 1963, and also celebrates its 60th anniversary. Its famous paste is made from seven ingredients, including sugar, hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder and cocoa.

The paste appears, of course, on the menu of pastry shops — but there are hamburgers, bakeries and even pizzerias that have also adopted hazelnut cream.

In São Paulo, some of these addresses offer promotions for Nutella Day. This is the case of the bakery chain Dona Deôla, which sells tapioca stuffed with hazelnut cream for R$1 on Sunday, the 5th.

Check out ten places in São Paulo to eat a sweetie made with this ingredient.

1445 Burger

The hamburger restaurant prepares a breaded Nutella dessert served with cream ice cream, for R$34.90. Another option is the milkshake with hazelnut cream, which costs R$33 and is made with cream ice cream.
R. Tabapuã, 1.445, Itaim Bibi, west region, tel. (11) 3078-9391. Delivery via iFood

American Cookies

The store specializing in the American recipe offers, on Sunday (5), five dessert options made with hazelnut cream. Among them are the cookie with vanilla dough and Nutella filling, for R$14, and the Nutella milkshake with Ninho milk and pieces of cookie, which costs R$23.90.
R. Dr. Luiz Migliano, 870, Morumbi, west region, tel. (11) 97775-8786. Delivery via iFood


Among the desserts, there is the crunchy Nutella cake, which costs R$19.80 a slice. The dough is made with 100% cocoa, filled with milk chocolate and Nutella. Other delicacies include french toast with Italian hazelnut cream and berries (R$32.90).
Av. Angélica, 2285, Santa Cecília, central region, tel. (11) 99132-5327. Delivery via iFood and Rappi


The recipes at the bistro in Tatuapé include American-style pancakes assembled in a tower shape and topped with Nutella, strawberries and red fruit sauce. It costs R$36. To drink, there is the Nutella cappuccino, for R$17.
R. Itapura, 1400, Tatuapé, eastern region, WhatsApp (11) 98368-0461. Delivery via iFood and Goomer


The ice cream shop prepares a gelato made with Nutella. The small glass costs R$16.50; the medium at R$18.70 and the large at R$21.90. In the cone, prices range from R$ 18.70 to R$ 21.90. You can also order a milkshake with hazelnut cream for R$30.
R. Afonso Braz, 351, Vila Nova Conceição, south region, tel. (11) 3045-7880

Dona Deola

In celebration of the date, the bakery will sell a tapioca stuffed with Nutella for R$ 1 this Sunday (5), in all units of the chain. In addition, there are other options on the menu with hazelnut cream, such as bread on the plate. Choose the type of bread, such as French (R$ 8.30), croissant (R$ 15.10) or cheese bread (R$ 12.50).
R. Pio XI, 1377, Alto da Lapa, west region, tel. (11) 3022-5640

Fiaschetteria del Capitale

The house with an Italian accent offers the Nutella pie, a tall cake prepared with sponge cake, hazelnut cream ganache and cream from the delicacy separately, to be sprinkled on top. Dessert costs R$47.
R. Barão de Capanema, 214, Jardins, west region, tel. (11)91641-8881

Hilla sweets

Italian hazelnut cream is a frequent feature on the extensive menu of this pastry shop. One of the most requested suggestions is the Nutella ice cream cake with Ninho milk, made with chocolate dough and white brigadeiro (R$ 10). Another delicacy that sells a lot is the white chocolate bar stuffed with Nutella and pieces of Oreo — it costs R$ 24.
Av. Jandira, 736, Moema, south region, WhatsApp (11) 98513-7062. Delivery via iFood

Best Pudding in the World

The brand specializes in different versions of the pudding, here with a smooth texture, with a flavor made with Nutella. Sizes range from individual, weighing 90 grams, to large, weighing 1.1 kg, and prices range from R$9.90 to R$100. from the factory located in Tatuapé.
R. Antônio Camardo, 219 A, Tatuapé, east region, tel. (11) 95390-3909. Delivery via phone and iFood


Only on Sunday, the 5th, the pizzeria offers discounts on all rounds that have Italian hazelnut cream on the topping. Among the flavor options are Nutella with banana (R$ 46.40), covered with cream, caramelized banana with sugar, cinnamon and Nutella, and the one that combines hazelnut cream with strawberries, for R$ 44, 80.
R. Rio Grande, 398, Vila Mariana, south region. Delivery via app Suburbanos, iFood It is suburbanos.com.br

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