Bad weather “Barbara”: The severe weather phenomena are also ongoing in Central Greece


It has been snowing in Central Evia since the early hours of the morning, with the result that most problems are found in the area of ​​Dirfis in Evia

Severe weather conditions are ongoing throughout Central Greece. Since the early hours of the morning, it has been snowing in Central Evia, with the consequence that most problems are found in the area of ​​Dirfis in Evia.

“We are fully equipped, people and machines, and for the time being no particular problems are being faced,” the deputy regional governor of Evia, Mr. Giorgos Kelaiditis, told APE – MPE. He, however, sees the weather phenomena intensifying in the last hours and as he underlines “all those involved are on red alert”.

In Fthiotida, all night the machines are trying to cope with the frost and low temperatures on the roads from Lamia to Domoko, from Lamia to Amfissa and from Lamia to Karpenissi.

“It was an intense night due to frost, but from daybreak onwards the weather phenomena begin to intensify without, however, so far there are any problems”, the deputy regional governor Mr. Ilias Sanidas states to APE-MPE as he underlines “in the last hour the phenomena begin to intensify in the area of ​​Lokrida and especially in the area of ​​Martinos without currently having any problems on the National road network”.

In the mountainous villages of the West In Fthiotida, the snowfall is very intense and the snow removal machines keep the road from Lamia to Karpenissi open.

In Viotia there is no problem on the National Road network as the traffic of heavy vehicles has been prohibited. “Everything is under control as machines are operating in all the points deemed necessary” the Vice-Regional Governor of Viotia Ms. Fani Papathoma states to APE-MPE as the bad weather has been continuously intensifying since the early hours of the morning and covers the whole of Viotia. The ski center of Parnassos has been closed and a total of 15 machines are operating in that direction.

Towards the side of Parnassos and Vardousia, the snowfall in Fokida intensifies.

According to the Deputy Governor Mr. Giorgos Delmouzo who spoke to APE BEE “from early in the morning we keep the roads open by pouring salt and no significant problems are observed. But the snowman is ahead of us” as he said.

“There are no special snowfalls in the whole of Evrytania as the weather is more easterly” underlined the Deputy Regional Governor of Evrytania, Mr. Aris Tasios, who notes that “even the access to the Karpenisi ski resort is without chains”.

On the contrary, according to Mr. Tassios, “low temperatures and frost are the issues that are dealt with as a whole throughout Evrytania”.

It should be noted that the traffic of heavy vehicles over 3.5 tons has already been prohibited on the national network as well as on the road network of Evia, Boeotia, Phocis and Fthiotida.

According to the police in Evia, problems are detected and traffic is chained:

· On the New National Road of Chalkida-Edipsos from the 16th month to the 44th month

· Throughout the road network in the area of ​​responsibility of the Kymi Police Department

In Boeotia, traffic is carried out with chains

· On the Arachova-Eptalofou Provincial Road from 12th street to Parnassos Ski Center

· On the Provincial Road of Ascension-Elikona-Kyriakiou

· On the District Road of Kyriakiou-Ag.’Annas

· On the Provincial Road of Agia Triada-Agia Anna

In Evrytania, the movement of vehicles is carried out only with the use of chains due to frost in the following places:

• On the Karpenisi-Agrini National Road, from the 7th to the 15th street, position “Bagasaki”

• On the Karpenisiou-Fournas Provincial Road, from 12th to 22nd street, “Vrachos” position

• On the Fourna-Karditsa Provincial Road, from 50th to 60th street, “Zaharaki” position

• On the Karpenisiou-Krikellou-Domnistas District Road, from the 12th to the 25th

• On the Karpenisiou-Ski Center Provincial Road, from 3rd to 15th

• On the Karpenisi-Proussou-Agrini Provincial Road, from 30th to 45th street, “Arapokephala” location

• On the Karpenisi-Stenoma District Road, from the 2nd to the 17th

• On the Karpenisiou-Fidakia District Road, from the 7th to the 25th,


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