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Bad weather “Barbara”: What applies today to schools, shops and courts – At 10am the Public “opens”


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The authorities have been put on alert due to the bad weather Barbara which affects a large part of the country. Attica has entered the “ice” with snowfalls affecting the north of the prefecture, causing limited problems on the road networks.

The package of measures that was announced yesterday and will take effect today, whenever the peak of the weather phenomenon is expected, includes:

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In addition to the communication with a recommendation for implementation telecommuting in the private sector issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, a strong recommendation is made to allow employees whose physical presence is required to come to work after ten in the morning.

Also, for tomorrow, Monday, February 6, relevant announcements have already been issued by the competent Ministries of Development and Investments, Education and Religious Affairs, Justice and Interior, as well as by the Regions and Municipalities of the country for the areas where:

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-schools will operate with distance learning
-the courts will not function,
-commercial stores will remain closed and
-teleworking will be implemented in the public sector

The General Secretariat of Civil Protection and ESKEDIK are coordinating the implementation of the action plan and the “Boreas 2” Plan regarding the management of the consequences of snowfall and frost. All forces will remain on full alert and alert throughout the night.

The strict recommendation to citizens is repeated to drastically reduce their movements to those absolutely necessary and to take all necessary self-protection measures in accordance with the instructions of the Public Health Service.

Min. Interior: How the State will work on Monday

The Ministry of the Interior, taking into account the extraordinary weather conditions caused by the bad weather “Barbara”, adjusts the mode of operation of the public services for Monday, February 6 as follows:

1. In cases where, based on the nature of the employees’ duties, remote work is possible, it is recommended, in order to protect the employees from the effects of adverse weather conditions. The provision of remote work must be carried out in a way that does not disrupt, as far as possible, the smooth operation of the Public Services.

2. Employees who cannot, due to the nature of their duties, provide remote work should justify their possible absence from work with a leave that will be granted based on the written provisions for each category of personnel. The same applies to employees whose job duties allow for remote work, but it is not possible to provide this for Monday, February 6 due to lack of employee preparation.

3. Alternatively, the employees who fall under case 2 are strongly advised to move to their place of work in terms of safety, i.e. even at an arrival time later than the specified one, without any adverse consequence, in which case also for reasons of force majeure the late arrival it is justified to them.

Excluded from the above are workers whose duties are not directly related to dealing with adverse weather conditions. For these employees, the heads of the cutting-edge services, to which they organically belong, are competent to provide instructions on how to provide work.

Emergency opening hours of Public services

In continuation of the previous announcement, regarding the operation of public services, the following are announced, especially for the Region of Attica:

Based on the weather data, as they are developing so far and for the safety of those employees who cannot provide remote work and do not use leave, it is clarified that the opening of the Public services and accordingly the attendance of these employees for Monday, February 6 set at 10 am.

In order to avoid inconvenience to citizens, it is clarified that any appointments with Public services scheduled before 10 a.m. will not take place and these public services should inform the concerned citizens in any appropriate way and immediately take care of rescheduling a new appointment.

The above does not apply to those employees whose duties are directly related to dealing with adverse weather conditions. For these employees, competent to provide instructions on how to provide work are the heads of the peak services, to which they organically belong, in particular the competent head of first and second grade OTAs, nursing institutions, etc.

Distance learning in schools

Specifically, schools will remain closed tomorrow in:


Due to the bad weather “Barbara” and with the safety of the children as a priority, tomorrow, Monday, February 6, all the Nursery Centers of the Athens Municipal Nursery will be closed.

Also, according to the relevant decision of the Region of Attica (which concerns all the schools of Attica), the primary and secondary schools of the Municipality of Athens will also remain closed tomorrow.

The schools of the municipality of Kalavryta will remain closed tomorrow, Monday, by the decision of the deputy governor of Achaia, Charalambos Bonanou. The decision was taken due to the adverse weather conditions prevailing in the area and the risks created for the movement of students and teachers to and from the school units.

Following a decision by the Region of Attica, all public and private schools of Primary and Secondary Education will remain closed in the Municipality of Piraeus, tomorrow Monday, February 6, due to the difficult weather conditions.

In addition, following the proposal of the President of PEDA, Mr. Markopoulos, and with the agreement of the Mayor, Mr. Moralis, the Nursery Schools of the Municipality of Piraeus, like all municipalities, will remain closed tomorrow.

Schools and kindergartens in the Municipality of Kantanou – Selino will remain closed tomorrow Monday due to the bad weather that is expected to hit the area.

As stated in the relevant announcement of the municipality, “in view of the upcoming bad weather Barbara, all Primary and Secondary Education schools of the Municipality as well as Kindergartens will remain closed on Monday 06.02.2023, by decision of the Mayor”.

By decision of the mayor of Oropedi, Yiannis Stefanakis, due to the adverse weather conditions, school units of all levels of education in the municipality will remain closed, while children’s nurseries will not operate. There will be an update on Wednesday, February 8th.

The Municipality of Anogeia informs that tomorrow, Monday, February 6, 2023, all school units and the kindergarten will remain closed due to the snow and low temperatures. The structures of KIFI and KDAP will also remain closed. The social services of the Municipality will take care of the custody of the elderly. Depending on the course of the bad weather, there will be an announcement for the next few days.

Classes in the schools of the municipality of Kastoria will start later, tomorrow, Monday, February 6, 2023, due to the low temperatures. According to an announcement by the municipality, the schools of Primary and Secondary Education of the municipality of Kastoria, by decision of the mayor, will start their operation at 09:15 in the morning.

Evia and Fthiotida
It was decided by the deputy regional governor of Evia Giorgos Kelaiditis and by the deputy regional governor of Fthiotida Ilias Sanidas to close all schools for two days due to adverse weather conditions as in addition to heavy snowfall there is strong frost.

As far as Boeotia is concerned, decisions are expected to be issued by the Mayors by the evening for certain areas where schools will be closed and the same is expected to exist for Fokida as it is not deemed necessary to close all schools in the whole prefecture.

Municipality of Ilio
The Schools and Kindergartens of the Municipality of Ilio will remain closed on Monday 06.02.2023

The Municipality of Ilio informs that, by decision of the Region of Attica, Primary and Secondary Schools in Attica will remain closed on Monday, February 6, 2023, due to the bad weather “Barbara”, as well as the Kindergartens for precautionary reasons, by decision of the Regional Union Municipalities of Attica (PEDA), which has the authority.

Municipality of Volos
Tomorrow, Monday, all primary and secondary schools will be closed also in the Municipality of Volos, by decision of the Mayor of Volos in order to give the necessary time for a complete and safe cleaning of the schools, as stated in the relevant announcement.

In the rest of Magnesia, schools of all grades will remain closed in the regions of the Municipalities of Zagora-Muresi, South Pelion and Almyros due to the continuous snowfall in their areas, by decisions of the local municipal authorities.

By decision of the two Mayors of the island, all primary and secondary schools will be closed tomorrow, Monday, February 6, throughout Lesvos due to the particularly unfavorable weather conditions expected on the island.

By order of the Mayor of Mytilini, the air-conditioned waiting room, located in the passenger port of Mytilini, will remain open from today and for as long as necessary, until the weather conditions improve, to accommodate those in need.

Rooms were also secured in a hotel in Mytilini in order to transfer and stay there throughout the bad weather, without financial burden those in need (homeless or needy) can.

Suspension of the daily operation of schools – The course is tele-educated
The office of the General Secretary of Primary, Secondary and Special Education of the Ministry of Education and Religion, Alexandros Koptsis, announces:

Tomorrow, Monday 06.02.2023, in all areas of the country where the operation of school units is suspended for life following decisions of Municipalities or Regions, remote education will take place.

As it is clarified, “All the Principals and teachers of the schools have been informed to ensure that the relevant connection links and the programs that will take place tomorrow are sent to the students within the day.

The public schools in Attica are closed

Public Markets in all Municipalities of Attica will be closed tomorrow, Monday, February 6, by decision of the Attica Region.

The aim is to protect the Sellers of the People’s Markets as well as the consumers and due to the meteorological forecasts for a rapid worsening of the weather phenomena in the next 24 hours, by decision of the Region and following a relevant recommendation from the Ministry. of Civil Protection, the Public Markets in all the Municipalities of Attica will be closed tomorrow, Monday, February 6.

With a newer announcement and after evaluating the new meteorological data, there will be an update on the operation of the People’s Markets in Attica, on Tuesday, February 7.

Courts closed Monday and Tuesday

The courts will remain closed tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, February 6 and 7, 2023 in Attica (Athens-Piraeus), Boeotia (Thebes-Livadia) and Evia (Chalkidas) in the region of Central Greece.

By decision of the Minister of Justice Constantinos Tsiaras “the operation of all the courts of the region of Attica (Athens-Piraeus) and the regional units of Boeotia (Thebes-Livadia) and Evia (Chalkidas) is suspended due to dangerous weather phenomena for the period of February 6 and 7, 2023 ) of the region of Central Greece”.

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