Thessaloniki: Vehicles in Macedonia and Thrace with anti-skid chains


On Egnatia Odos, the movement of vehicles is carried out without problems

Anti-skid chains are used to drive vehicles in many parts of the road network in Macedonia and Thrace, after the onset of bad weather “Barbara”.

Specific anti-slip chains are needed in the following places:

  • Central Macedonia

According to the latest information from the General Regional Police Directorate of Central Macedonia, the use of anti-skid chains is necessary for vehicles moving on the road network to the ski resorts of Selio and 3/5 Pigadia, on the Old National Road of Thessaloniki – Kozani from 89th to 98th kilometer, for Xirolivados, in the passage, from the 16th to the 21st kilometer.

In the prefecture of Pella, chains are necessary to the ski resort of Voras (Kaimaktsalan), while in Halkidiki chains are needed on the old national road Thessaloniki – Ierissou (Paleokastro – Taxiarchis), from the 76th to the 85th kilometer and from the 54th to the 70th.

  • Eastern Macedonia – Thrace

For the smooth and safe conduct of vehicular traffic, due to the stormy winds blowing in the area, since yesterday at noon, the ban on the traffic of all vehicles over 3.5 tons in both traffic streams of Egnatia Road, between the uneven junction of Vafeikos Xanthi, the uneven junction of Iasmos and the western uneven junction of Komotini.

The traffic regulations will be in effect for as long as the adverse weather conditions prevail in the area, while the traffic of the above vehicles will be carried out through the national network of Xanthi – Porto Lagos – Komotini.

In the Rhodopes, the Irish Crossing of the Mosaic is closed, in Xanthi, anti-slip chains are needed in the mountain range from the 2nd kilometer of Ano Karyofytos, to the Forest Village of Livaditis.

  • West Macedonia

The use of anti-skid chains or a special type of tires is necessary for drivers who drive on the Kastoria-Florina provincial road through Vitsio, from the 32nd to the 46th kilometer, on the Kastoria-Ioannina provincial road (via Kotyli) from the 18th to the 30th kilometer.

In the prefecture of Florina, chains or special tires are required on the national road Florina – Border Station Krystallopigi and on the provincial road Florina – Kastoria (via Vitsiou) from the 15th km to the 30th km.


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