Car: How to remove ice from car windows


What is the safest solution to remove the ice without causing damage to the glass

In the winter, many drivers need to clear their vehicle windows of ice. Scraping the ice in the morning or after a day of snow is a necessary task for the driver to do. It is not only inconvenient, but also time-consuming.

It is important to choose the proper ice scraper and have it ready at the right time. We should not use a metal scraper or any other metal object, because this can easily scratch the windshield or remove the paint in case the driver uses it to remove ice from other parts of the car. The best and safest solution is a plastic ice scraper, which has a serrated edge for removing layers of ice and a smooth edge for scraping it off.

A snow brush is an ideal choice, to remove ice and snow. The license plate must also be legible and free of ice or snow. If you don’t have a scraper a CD or credit card holder should not be used as it may scratch the windows.

Do not attempt to defrost vehicle windows with hot water. Sudden temperature change often causes stress cracks in the windshield. Warm or cold water is also not a good idea, as it will thaw the ice for a while, but will refreeze immediately when the ambient temperature is too low. The resulting layer of ice will be even more difficult to remove.

Mixtures of alcohol and other chemicals that are commercially available as sprays may provide de-icing solutions. Once the ice is sprayed onto the glass, it melts instantly and effortlessly.

Wipers are most often stuck to the windshield. We should not attempt to raise them up by force, because that will spoil them and they will immediately want change. They exist in buy ice scrapers which can also be used to clean the windshield wipers. In any case, we’ll have to melt the ice and then get them up and running. A windshield antifreeze is even more important. The ice melts quickly when the wipers come into contact with the liquid.

Of course if there is enough time on our hands, we can run the engine, then the radiator with the hot air and wait for the ice on the windshield to gradually melt once the cabin and windows have warmed up.

Finally, there is also the option of the semi-hood, which is applied exclusively to the windshield and is secured to the doors. This prevents a number of problems. We don’t use newspapers to cover the windshield because they freeze and are almost impossible to remove.


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