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The earthquake victims of Arkalochori alongside the earthquake victims of Turkey and Syria


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A message of support from the earthquake victims of Arkalochori

Counting about a year and a half since the earthquake that hit their properties and changed their lives, the earthquake victims of Arkalochori, stand by the people who are experiencing the nightmare of death and destruction in Turkey and Syria.

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With his announcement Association of Seismologists of the Municipality of Minoa Pedias “I Elpida” states:

“Hearing the sad news of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria with the thousands of dead and the large number of homeless, it hurts and he feels the need to express his support to the affected as a minimal token of solidarity. As a homeopath we know what it is like to lose friends, relatives as well as your home, your shop, a lifetime’s work in a matter of seconds, just as we also know first hand what it is like to live away from a normal home for months or even for years, trapped in construction site containers, cut off from old acquaintances.

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Not being able to provide material relief as well as hospitality, as a homeopathic affected area we will try to find those ways of love, which will be the beginning of alleviating the difficulties, for the residents to return to normal rhythms of life away from the painful memories of the killer earthquake.

As a club with small and meager potential, we will also contribute to the gathering of help lining up next to the agencies, as well as we aspire to find fellow travelers and organize together the symbolic all-day hospitality for the relief of children from the affected areas.

Our hearts are with you.”

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