In an uncertain economic environment marked by falling new car sales across Europe, Kia has set new records for both vehicle registrations and market share in 2022.

Its progress is mainly driven by the launch of new electric models – part of its strategy. Kia’s total annual sales in the EU, EFTA and UK markets stood at 542,423 units, up 7.9% from 502,677 units in 2021. This is in stark contrast to the wider European passenger car market. cars, where registrations fell by -4.1% in 2022. Kia’s figures were boosted by growing demand for its electric vehicles, which accounted for almost a third – 30.9% (176,149) – of its European sales in 2022.

Last year Kia also made several significant country-specific achievements. For example, in the UK the brand achieved a record market share of 6.2% and exceeded 100,000 sales for the first time. Further impressive record market shares were also secured in Poland (8%) and Spain (7.8%), while in the Netherlands Kia not only became the most popular imported car brand, but the best-selling car brand overall with a purchase of 9 .7%. share. In addition, Kia is now in the top three best-selling brands in Spain, Poland, Sweden, Croatia, Finland, Iceland and Slovakia.

Sales increase in 2022 for Volvo Car Hellas

Volvo Car Hellas announces significant sales growth in the Greek market in 2022 as well. Registrations increased by 12.3% compared to the previous year, with pure electric and plug-in hybrid Recharge models driving demand, accounting for 73% on all orders. Volvo Recharge’s share of total sales reached 51.5%, nearly double that of the Recharge range worldwide for 2022.

The penetration of electric powered Volvos into the Greek market is emphatically underlined by the expansion of the company’s range of purely electric models. After the all-electric XC40 Recharge, the range was strengthened in early 2022 with the introduction of the C40 Recharge, while the Volvo EX90, the company’s new all-electric flagship SUV, has already been unveiled.

Together, the all-electric XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge put Volvo in first place in premium C-segment SUVs with an electric drive system, with 42.9% of the total.

For another year, the XC90 took first place in the premium large SUV segment. Sales of the XC90 and XC60 increased by 75%, while sales of the Recharge versions of the XC60 increased by almost 150% compared to 2021.

Volvo’s corporate sales increased by 27.8% overall, marking another year of growth, with Recharge models expanding registrations by 23.1% compared to 2021. Corporate customers’ preference for Volvo Recharge is enhanced by the tax benefits that come with their choice, such as zero or low usage tax. In addition, there was a significant increase of 48.4% in the classifications of the Recharge series among private individuals.

The DS presented at Retromobile 2023


DS Automobiles is presenting four high-performance models during the 2023 Rétromobile Show in Paris.


2-door, 2-seater coupe
Maserati 3.0 liter engine with four overhead cams, 3 twin Webers, 4 valves per cylinder. Power: 340 hp.
Hydraulic front and rear suspension.
Length: 4.35m – Width: 1.71m – Height: 1.10m – Weight: 1,169 kg.
Maximum speed: 285 km/h.

This prototype was designed to test the extreme acceleration offered by 340 hp, the grip and stability that high suspension technology can provide, at very high speeds. Through special measuring instruments, in the SM PROTOTYPE the company’s technicians were able to make dynamic interventions in the suspension settings during a ride. Thanks to this prototype, the company perfectly evolved the racing versions of the SM.


2-door, 2-seater coupe
Electric motors with 340 (front) and 475 (rear) horsepower.
Total power: 815 hp.
Length: 4.70 m – Width: 1.95 m – Height: 1.28 m – Weight: 1,250 kg.
Maximum speed: 250 km/h.

Designed as an ultra-high performance workshop, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE was designed by DS PERFORMANCE after winning two drivers’ and two teams’ world titles in the Formula E Championship. During its initial testing, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE has already cover more than 3,000 kilometers, having the ability to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in 2.0 seconds. The drive system consists of two electric motors with a combined power of 815 hp.


4-door, 5-seater Saloon
2.2 liter engine, electronic injection. Power: 139 hp.
Hydraulic front and rear suspension.
Length: 4.80 m – Width: 1.79 m – Height: 1.47 m – Weight: 1,170 kg.
Top speed: 185 km/h.

A reference point for a century of motoring, the DS has established itself as a legendary model since its very first appearance in Paris in 1955. A revolutionary design and cutting-edge technology in every area. It first appeared with a 75 hp engine, and in September 1969, it became the first French production car to offer electronic fuel injection, reaching 139 hp with a 2,175 cc engine.

DS 9 E-TENSE 4×4 360 (2022)

4-door, 5-seater Saloon
Plug-in hybrid transmission system with a 1,598cc 200 hp engine and two electric motors with 100 (front) and 113 (rear) hp. Combined power: 360 hp.
DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION with predictive reading of the road surface through a camera.
Length: 4.93 m – Width: 1.93 m – Height: 1.46 m – Weight: 1,931 kg.
Top speed: 250 km/h.

The DS 9 harnesses the excellence of French luxury expertise with a unique interior, designed and upholstered by the Colors & Materials team and DS Automobiles’ leading upholstery craftsmen. It is also a product of the DS PERFORMANCE division and showcases the unrivaled technology of DS Automobiles. With a 200 hp PureTech gasoline engine combined with two electric motors, the DS 9 E-TENSE 4×4 360 demonstrates top performance and corresponding performance (0-100 km/h in 5.6 seconds).