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The municipality of Thessaloniki is proceeding with extensive maintenance and repair interventions on the new beach, after today’s signing of the contract for the assignment of the respective project by the mayor Konstantinos Zervas and the deputy mayor of Technical Works and Sustainable Mobility Efraim Kyrizidis.

“From the beginning of our term, we had committed to a large maintenance contract for the new beach, and this commitment is being implemented. The new beach is the jewel of our city, it is a place that attracts both residents and visitors. With this contract – which went through forty waves, not under the management’s responsibility, but today we finally have a contractor – there are the right tools so that the new beach has the best possible image. We will be there to supervise and push for this purpose”, said Mr. Zervas in his statement.

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As part of the contract, according to the deputy mayor Mr. Kyrizidis, everyday problems will be dealt with, such as damage to the lighting, while points that almost never worked will be restored, including the fountains in the emblematic Umbrellas of Zongolopoulos and in the area of the statue of Alexander the Great.

The project, which will have a duration of two years, includes, among other things, interventions to deal with problems that have arisen from damage and vandalism that have occurred from time to time, as well as work to upgrade the greenery.

According to the planning of the municipality of Thessaloniki, the maintenance of the green spaces in the gardens, which are developed in an area of ​​approximately 62.5 acres, is foreseen. The aim is to upgrade the parks, while hundreds of new tree plantings are planned, as well as the installation of thousands of bushes and plants.

At the same time, the maintenance of the lighting network, the installation of damaged lamps and the replacement of lamps are foreseen. The project also includes extensive interventions for the repair of fountains, the restoration of operation in water incidents along the beach, the radical renovation of electromechanical facilities, etc.