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Preparations are in full swing in the taverns, steakhouses, taverns and cafes of Thessaloniki for the celebration of Tsiknopeptis. that the world is expected to exceed all expectations based on forecasters’ predictions of a rise in temperatures and a return to normality after the coronavirus pandemic.

Both the restaurants and several café-bars prepare outside barbecues from lunchtime with music and dancing, while there are already interested people who have planned early to “capture” a table to celebrate with their company on the day of the meat eaters.

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The center of the celebration will be Vasileos Heraklion and the surrounding streets, as well as the renovated Modiano Market, which will light the necessary lights on Ermou Street.

But beyond the traditional roasting, the Market will join forces with Street Outdoors in order for residents and visitors to enjoy a party that will start from 4 pm and will last until 12 midnight.

The businessman, Stavros Sotiroudis, with restaurants both in the east, in the center and in the west of Thessaloniki, told APE-MPE that “the demand is particularly high. At the store in the center on such days we do not make reservations, as we will try to serve as many customers as possible who will want to observe the custom. On the contrary, in our restaurant at the western entrance of the city, almost 100% of the tables are already reserved.”

The souvlaki, the “king” of the grill

The souvlaki, whether pork or chicken, is the “king” of grilling and is “Number 1” in consumer preferences. And the butchers of Thessaloniki estimate, however, that this year there will be an increase in both meat sales and outdoor grilling, and this is due to the very good weather and people’s willingness to return to old, pre-pandemic habits.

“The orders started slowly, however, the Greeks, even in the roasting with their company, we are at the last minute. Clubs and schools have provided for supplies. However, we estimate that there will be an increase in meat sales this year for the following two reasons: the very good weather compared to last year and the release of all measures against the coronavirus,” said the president of the Thessaloniki Butchers’ Association, Nikos Balapanidis, to APE-MPE.

“It is difficult to estimate the quantities that will be sold, what is certain is that there is full sufficiency in the market since traffickers supply us with meat every day. The souvlaki takes pride of place, followed by pancetta and sausage, as well as suzukas. Cuts that can be cooked easily and quickly and are convenient to eat with the company”, adds the president of the butchers.