Reporting by Makis Synodinos

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The trial of Roula Pispirigou at the Mixed Jury Court began with a confrontation, where today Manos Daskalakis is called to answer the questions of the defense of the defendant for the death of their first child, 9-year-old Georgina.

At the opening, a juror was replaced who stated personal and health problems.

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The lawyer of Pispirigou, Alexis Kougias, asked to challenge the proceedings and then the examination of the witness Daskalakis began.

Mr. Kougias even said outside the court in the previous session that in the next trial, i.e. in today’s “someone will be found accused”, taking care to clarify that he does not mean any new accused for Georgina’s death.

The examination

Al. Kougias asked the witness if he remembers how many statements he has given in total.
– Do you consider them all reliable?
– All reliable
– Do you remember ever declaring class support?
– Date no
– On 6/4/22. Can you tell me which category you support? Tell me what he did in the attempted murder
– It took place on 11/4/21 in Karamandanio in Patras
– What time can you determine that the attempt was made?
– I don’t know, only what the will says
– On 6/4/22 you made a statement supporting the charge. Tell me when and in what way did the accused give your daughter ketamine

At this point the president told Mr. Kouya that he was asking a leading question to the witness, prompting a strong protest from the defense.

The examination continued

K- Do you have a paper in your hands that shows that toxicological tests were done after the attempt? There is a document in the case file and no ketamine appears to have been found anywhere. Do you know that?
D – I know that they have been toxicologically tested
– Do you still support the category?
– I support her
– Where do you base it?
– At will
– Tell us where you have seen in the will how the ketamine was administered
– The way is a guess
– Do you know why Georgina entered Karamandanio?
– The defendant told me that the child had a tremor and felt a bomb on her back
– Did the child communicate with you?
– Yes