The teachers’ march in the center of Athens is taking place at this time with great participation.

It was preceded by a rally in Propylaia and at this time the march has reached outside the Parliament.

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IOE and OLME have declared a 24-hour strike for today, reacting to the implementation of the evaluation of teachers.

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Kerameos: Without evaluation, there is no improvement

“The evaluation is progressing and contributes to a better school”, commented the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, regarding the teachers’ reaction to the individual evaluation.

In a post on social networks, the minister stated that “without evaluation, there is no improvement” and spoke of “ideologies” from some trade union leaders and the official opposition party.

“Without evaluation, there is no improvement. Society knows this and supports teacher evaluation. The trade union leaderships and SYRIZA are at odds with society. They cling to ideologies. The evaluation is progressing and contributing to a better school for our children”, the post states in detail.