Bad weather Barbara may have been gone for several days, however in some areas of it Evia the problems remain, as the heavy snowfalls of the previous days, in some cases, made it quite difficult to immediately clear some mountain villages, with the result that, even today, 12 days later to present problems.

Among the villages still facing problems after the bad weather is the mountain village of Agia Sofia of the Municipality of Dirfyon Messapia.

From the very beginning, the Municipality did its best in cooperation with the Region of Central Greece to supply all the villages with electricity and to ensure that there were no problems with their water supply.

At the same time, great efforts were made to keep the roads open during the bad weather.

However, these are mountain villages, which even today have a lot of snow and access is quite difficult.

The Municipal Councilor and President of LARCO Workers, George Selevakos in his letter to the Municipality complains that villages of the municipality have remained cut off from the rest of the municipality even so many days after the bad weather:

With this letter, I want to focus on the last bad weather that afflicted our Municipality and the Citizens and what should be done so that the next bad weather does not leave the inaccessible and isolated villages without electricity on the one hand and without communication access with the rest on the other Municipality.

It is not possible, dear fellow residents, that 12 days after the first snow, Agia Sofia has no communication with the rest of the Municipality.

Mr. Mayor, you chose to be present and friendly next to the journalists and the television show that was set up for viewing. Your citizens in Agia Sofia, Mylos, Glyfada, Agriosykia, and even Markates – Pagonta, when will you see them?

How do these people deal with the snow, how do they feed their animals, how did they carry their dead to bury them?

Mr. Mayor, it is your obligation and your duty to be at the forefront of the fight and not at the front of the TVs.

Roads do not open only with wishes and intentions. Roads are opened with work, planning and a sense of duty.

I tell you we will not allow such a mess again.

All citizens are equal and have the same needs and rights».