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Reporting by Makis Synodinos

The tangle of the gang he starred in bloody episode at Nea Ionia ELAS has been unraveling for the last few hours in order to identify the perpetrators who took the life of a 37-year-old patron.

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From the first moment in the crosshairs of the experienced officers have been found two luxury jeeps which, as all the evidence shows, belonged to the perpetrators.

In fact, the black Cadillac brand vehicle that was spotted parked a few meters from the cafe where the fight took place “starred” in a video allegedly taken by members of the gang outside a well-known club in Liosion.

The particular club, which is being investigated for whether it was run by gang members, has concerned the authorities in 2021 amid the coronavirus, when after an inspection by the Interagency Market Control Unit it was found to be holding an illegal party with live music.

After the raid by the authorities it was sealed, while bystanders and property owners were fined.