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Students in Patras had to be taken to the Hospital in the last few days, as they had consumed adulterated drinks.

In particular, 18 students were taken to the Hospital, while the doctors informed the police and the file reached the hands of the competent Prosecutor.

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The head of the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office of Patras decided to conduct a preliminary examination for the sale of adulterated drinks to minors.

Sweeping checks

Controls in the coming days are expected to be intensified, as there is concern for a similar continuation, due to the carnival.

The head of the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office of Patras asks the competent authorities to investigate whether “bombs” drinks are served at parties organized even to minors, which poses serious risks to their health.

It is recalled that by a provision, since last summer, in the event that someone has illegal alcoholic beverages for sale, they will be sealed for a period of 10 to 30 days and the details of the offenders will be made public, with the aim of preventing them from committing the offences.