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Glória Maria is honored by the New York Times 20 days after death: ‘It broke barriers’


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The New York Times paid tribute to presenter Glória Maria 20 days after her death. In a publication, he pointed to the legacy left by her for Brazilian TV and said that Glória “broke barriers”.

“Considered the first black television journalist in Brazil, she broke down barriers for black women on television at a time when the country’s anchor chairs were occupied mainly by white men”, says one of the excerpts.

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According to the newspaper, Glória became “a black idol in a country with a history of deep racial prejudice”.

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The journalist’s ability to do good interviews was also remembered. Among the personalities who have already spoken with her are Michael Jackson, Elton John, Nicole Kidman and Madonna.

Glória died on the morning of February 2, aged 73, from cancer. The treatment she was taking to combat the metastases that existed in her brain stopped working.

In 2019, she discovered a brain tumor, having tackled the problem with surgery and immunotherapy. Last December, Globo reported that she was away from TV to deal with her health, but added that this was already foreseen as part of the treatment against the brain tumor.

Source: Folha

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