All the municipalities of the country today organize Kouluma in squares, squares and parks with traditional music and the traditional bean salad and Lagana of Clean Monday.

Halloween today culminates in Athens with a great celebration on the hill of Filopappos, where people will have fun with Gogo Tsamba, in an authentic folk feast.

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens will welcome young and old at 11:00, while at 12:00 the musical baton will be taken by the beloved Gogo Tsamba, who together with her orchestra.

The events in other large municipalities of Athens

In the municipality of Peristeri, the Lenten feast will unfold at the Anthoupoli Exhibition Center with singer Yiannis Kapsalis and performances by the Shadow Theatre.

Next door, the municipality of Petroupoli is setting up its own party with the Augustidis brothers’ orchestra, in Agios Dimitriou square, where there will even be a kite workshop.

Together and with joint events, the municipality of Ilio and the municipality of Agios Anargyro-Kamaterou decided to celebrate in the metropolitan park of Antonis Tritsis. There, in addition to the Lenten table, there will also be inflatable toys, while Vangelis Konitopoulos and many other singers have been invited for the musical program.

With Glykeria, the municipality of Moschatos-Tavros will celebrate in the square of Agios Georgios in Tavros, with Mario and Lambros Karelas, the municipality of Kallithea will celebrate in the Municipal Park.

The municipality of Haidari will set up its own celebration in the place where years ago the “Wine Festival” was held every autumn, accompanied by the singers Diamantis Dionysiou, Mary Xagorakis and Babis Pournara.

The municipality of Agia Varvara in the grove of Mitera and the municipality of Egaleo in the grove of the city, where in addition to the music and dance performances, there will also be workshops for the children to make their own constructions and make their own kite.

Going to the north of the basin, the municipality of Vrilissi will celebrate it at the Damari Theater, it will also produce raki to accompany the food it offers, along with traditional and rebetika songs by Dimitris Kontogianni and Theodosia Stiga.

In the municipality of Kifissia, the events will take place in the Andreas Papandreou park of Erythrea, with the citizen of Kifissia, Christos Nikolopoulos and Stelios Dionysiou, Eleana Papaioannou.

In the Grove of the National Bank in Filothei, the municipality of Filothei-Psyhiko will be waiting for its citizens with a concert by Rena Morphis.

Lent with music and dance, but also with activities for children, was prepared by the municipality of Agia Paraskevi at the Indoor Stadium of the Sports Center. A few days ago, the municipality of Heraklion turned the Fix Estate into a park and opened it to the public, and there it will now celebrate Clean Monday with everything traditional.

A little further, the municipality of Metamorfosi will celebrate it on the Nemesis hill and further north the municipality of Acharnon in the Olympic Village with the orchestra of Elias Plastiras.

To the east of the basin, the municipality of Zografou will offer its Lenten dishes in Goudi Park, accompanied by songs by Spyros Polykandriotis.

The municipality of Kaisarianis in the Xylina of the park, the municipality of Byron in the Theater of Rocks, with a merry-go-round, with a juggler, with a trampoline and with Stella Konitopoulos setting up the party and the municipality of Ilioupoli in the Halikaki park.

Descending towards the beach front, the municipality of Agios Dimitrios intervenes, which will celebrate it in Asyrmatou Park with tsipouras and traditional songs by Sakis Kostakis and Maria Skoulas.

In Floisvos, the municipality of Palaio Faliro will celebrate it, on Pani hill and with a brass band, the municipality of Alimos.

Koulouma on the mountain is chosen by the municipality of Hellinikon-Argyroupoli, where in collaboration with the cultural clubs of the city, it will celebrate it at the Open Fields of Miletus.

At the foot of Ymittos, in the place of Patitiri, the municipality of Glyfada will set up its own feast, traditionally and musically and with the Glyfadaite Katerina Stanisi.

In the south of the prefecture, the municipality of Saronikos will have the focus of music and dance events with sarakostianas on the beach of Alykon in Anavyssos and the municipality of Lavreotikis in Chaos Lavriou.

On the western side of Attica, the municipality of Mandras will celebrate at the stadium of Erythron, the municipality of Megareon at the port of Nea Peramos and the municipality of Elefsina at the square of Magoula with the musician Thanasis Rokas and his eight-piece orchestra, while in the yard of the Primary School there will be and an artistic kite workshop.

Almost the entire prefecture of Attica is therefore expected to be flooded with the Lenten dishes, which will be accompanied by melodies and traditional songs and the Attic sky to be filled with kites.