Transport and distribution managers are drawing the attention of citizens when flying a kite ahead of Maundy Monday.

The Independent Electricity Transmission Operator (ADMIE) as well as the Distribution Network Operator (DEDDIE) advise citizens not to fly kites near pylons and High Voltage lines or near Substations, as there is a serious risk of electric shock and power outages in the wider area.

If the kite becomes entangled in wires, then:

1. Do not attempt to free it by pulling on the string or using other objects, even wooden ones.

2. Do not attempt to climb on High Voltage pylons, scaffolding or electricity distribution or lighting poles, nor in places near power cables.

In any case where you need help, notify DEDDIE of breakdowns through the telephone lines 800 400 4000 and 11500, through the MyDEDDIEApp mobile application or through the online breakdown report on the website Alternatively contact the local Police Department