By Antonis Kritikou

The winter ones tactics sales completed with a positive sign for the commercial enterprises of Attica and with favorable markets for consumers. The value of sales of the clothing and footwear sector exceeded 3 billion euros on an annual basis. In continuation of the upward trend of 2022, 2023 also began, with the first three weeks of sales being the best for traders in terms of purchasing activity. Branded products, as well as electrical and electronic devices, furniture and all household items attracted consumer interest again this year.

“The first conclusions show that the winter sales met our expectations with purchasing traffic at better levels than last year. The discount market was not affected by the “financial fatigue” of the holidays, while it seems that the goal of sales in the retail trade was achieved,” emphasizes Vassilis Korkidis, president of EVEP. The upward trend of retail sales in 2022 with an additional 7 billion euros and an annual increase of 12%, reaching the turnover of 2022 at 62 billion euros, continues in 2023, since the turnover of this year’s two months, January – February, in first estimate seems to have exceeded by at least 5% the 5.5 billion euros of the corresponding two months of 2019.

The changes in weather conditions that prevailed this winter partially changed the established buying habits of consumers during regular sales. At least as far as the Attica market is concerned, what is confirmed by most clothing stores is that due to the mild winter, sales of “heavy” and more expensive clothing decreased. From March, much of the stocks that retailers have in winter clothing will remain unsold and many consumers will now spend the rest of the short winter period with what they already own. Contrary to the rest of the items, the clothing and footwear sector moved, according to the available data, positively in January due to the many holidays.

Finally, the phenomena of profiteering or consumer deception are mainly observed where the consumer’s choices are defined and limited. It is positive that this year during the sales period in the market, delinquency decreased in complaints and fluctuated at a lower percentage than last year, namely below 6%. So what strengthens the consumer protection mechanisms is the correct information and the consistency of the commercial enterprises of each local market.