SKAI Revelation: The plan for the reopening of schools on January 10


The proposal of the Committee of Experts for the opening of the schools is awaited by the government, which meets during the week.

The plan of the sub-committee seems to have been locked and SKAI reveals that the return to the desks will take place.

All views converge on the normal opening of schools on January 10, with the committee calling the scenario of extending the school holidays ungrounded as the cases are expected to increase next week and there will be a dispersion of children as well.

The committee’s desire for a change in testing, with students taking a rapid test instead of a self-test, if possible.

There will also be changes to the health protocol regarding the detection of a confirmed case:

  • If a case is found, all students, vaccinated and unvaccinated will be tested with a rapid test. At the same time, the “cross” (testing on students sitting next to, behind, or in front of the confirmed case) is abolished and a rapid test will now be performed on all students in the class.
  • The tests will be done for 5 days instead of 7.
  • The quarantine will be valid for 5 days instead of 10

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